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Suburban Learning Center (SLC) is a group of private practitioners who are specialists in diagnosis and remediation. The professionals at SLC are dedicated to working with students who exhibit mild to moderate learning differences and/or attentional concerns. SLC has been serving South Orange/Maplewood and the surrounding communities since 1980.

Tutoring programs at SLC are designed by learning consultants and remedial specialists and are tailored to each student's learning style. Tutoring sessions are carefully planned to focus on the remediation of learning weaknesses as well as on the development of effective learning strategies. Tutors meet with students in private tutoring rooms in our Maplewood office. Throughout the program, an emphasis is placed on helping the student and family understand the student's unique learning style.

The diagnostic specialists at SLC provide psychoeducational, psychological, and learning evaluations. Psychoeducational evaluations are conducted jointly by a psychologist and a learning specialist and provide a comprehensive analysis of a student's learning profile. Psychological evaluations may include analysis of cognition/IQ, learning, attention, and personality. Learning evaluations include an analysis of a student's aptitude for learning as well as an analysis of skill development, fluency and application of skills in reading, mathematics, and written language.

Suburban Learning Center's new Managing Director, Dari Olitt, will continue providing the same quality tutoring, test prep, and diagnostic evaluations as former Directors, Linda Auld and Loretta McCree.

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